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With the world going online and mobile centric, advertising on digital platforms and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have become so essential to brands that if a brand does not advertise online, it may imply that the brand is non-existent.

With each passing year, online advertising is becoming more refined and highly effective in brand building, creating awareness, and promoting products and services. Businesses too acknowledge the effectiveness of online platforms and are looking for the right partner to maximize their reach and improve their margins. Now, let us understand SEM in detail.

Search Engine Marketing
What is PPC or Pay Per Click? How can brands benefit from PPC?

Pay Per Click or PPC is an advertising model that allows advertisers to place their ads on search engine Results, page and pay a fee only when someone clicks on the ad.

It is an effective way of earning website visits through payment rather than merely hoping that online users will organically locate your website.

Benefits of PPC

Pay only when a user clicks on your Ad

With PPC model, there are no hidden charges; you pay only for what you get. Your ad will be listed on Google’s search engine page results and while someone clicks on your ad, Google gets paid for it. The ad or promotion continues until the set budget is exhausted, after which the ad is discontinued.

Get total control over your budget

Allocating budget is crucial for every marketing activity, online or offline. It is true with PPC campaigns as well. The advantage of PPC is that it allows you to set your daily and monthly budget based on your requirements. However, as one will be competing for same keywords with your competitors, some might be able to outbid you and one cannot generate high click rates with a limited budget. What is interesting is the fact that you will still be able to find adjacent keywords or time slots that would provide a decent number of clicks even for a limited budget.

Ensure that your ad is visible to your Target Audience (TG)

While anyone can place a PPC ad, ensuring relevant leads is the vital part. With a variety of targeting parameters available, the PPC model enables advertisers to ensure that the ads are clicked/viewed by people who are most likely to buy or submit an enquiry. Moreover, this model allows you to set your TG profile based on a variety of parameters like age, gender, education, income, geography, relationship status, employment, personal interests and more.

Visibility and traffic within an hour

Setting up a PPC campaign and getting results can be surprisingly quick and it is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic. One can set a campaign within half an hour (30 minutes) and you can get your ad on the 1st page of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) within an hour. Kindly note that it is also important to maintain a steady traffic over a period and traffic surges are not ideal for your website.

Faster Results

PPC offers faster results for your marketing activities. While getting organic search results is the ideal way to generate leads and sales conversions, it takes a lot of time and effort for a website to consistently show up in the Google’s search rankings for the targeted keyword search results. That is why, PPC is one of the most effective means of getting results and gauging the impact of your campaign.

Track Your ROI

Businesses and brands are interested in getting the best ROI for their marketing activities. PPC allows advertisers to accurately track clicks and conversions on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis. PPC also offers brands and advertisers the freedom to modify and optimize the ad settings to maximize ROI from their ad spending.

Scheduling Ads by Geography and Time

With PPC model, advertisers can target users based on the geography and time. For instance, while organizing an expo or promoting a local event, it makes sense to target the marketing campaign to those who are within a driving distance. And while selling sound systems, professional DJs and amateurs are most likely to be active during the night. By setting the parameters right you can target the right audience at right times (when they are most likely to be online).

PPC must be a part of the marketing strategy of all businesses, big, small or medium. Because, if you are not using PPC, you might lose a significant amount of quality leads to your competition and the opportunity to generate more revenues from your marketing efforts.