Black Friday promotion brings tons of opportunities for small business owners to use their creativity and craft compelling advertising campaigns that win the customer’s hearts. As small businesses are booming nowadays, small business owners might worry about how to make the best of the Black Friday sales.

In this blog, we‘re going to discuss profitable Black Friday sale promotion ideas for small businesses in 2022. You’ll learn the unique Black Friday sale promotion ideas to market your product or services.

1. Create Gift Bundles

Creating gift bundles is a great way to present an irresistible offer. People are always looking to get more value out of their dollar. They would definitely buy from you if you’re offering five products at the price of three.

For example, If a small business owner selling scented candles normally sell a pair of candle for $150,

For the Black Friday Sale promotion, an offer can be created wherein they offer 2 pairs of candles for the same price. Isn’t it interesting ? Try it and let us know.

2. Offer a value add on

The value-add on concept is a fantastic approach to maintain your standard cost while enticing customers with a bonus item. This option is comparable to package pricing, except in this case your consumer receives more for the same price. If you can think beyond the box, there are many methods to add value without breaking the bank or reducing your profit margins.

Think about what’s something you can throw away with your normal offer ? For instance, If you’re a social media manager, and you offer complete Instagram management services, you can now add postcard, flyer and gift card  creation as a value add-on , on top of your regular offer.

3. Spread the word about Sale Campaign 

The word campaign is the secret to success in all of these marketing campaigns to spread awareness of your Black Friday Offer. One tweet, one email, or one brochure probably won’t produce a lot of results. You must organize a campaign that exposes your message to both present and potential clients multiple times.

4.  Segment the offers 

If you want to go all out and have a powerful CRM tool, you can make unique offers specifically for your present clients. Even if the offer is the same, it would be excellent to customize your marketing strategy rather than using the same wording for the new audience and the existing one. Powerful results can be obtained by dividing your list into “join the community” and “thank you for being a member of the community”

5. Jazz up the promotions

Enough of  black Friday discount offers for 20% and 25%. They are effective, but there are some additional fun promotion concepts to think about. Let’s look at some cool ideas you can try.

  • Mystery Gift promotion: It means every order goes with the gift, but customers do not know what the gift is. Your job is to create the hype around the gift so well that it drives curiosity.
  • Ultimate giveaway promotion: There’s a raffle draw that each buyer will enter to win the gift. Consider putting in the gift items that make people want to participate.
  • First-In promotion: First-in promotion puts the power in the hands of the customer. They want to buy things just because of it. Let’s say your digital course is originally for $200, you apply a base limit of $40 and with each purchase, the price goes up. That creates an urgency to buy products soon.


If you’re tired of trying to sell using the same old ways, get ready to try brand-new black Friday ideas.You’ve got some amazing methods that work like a charm, we’d love to know how it goes for you.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.