Keeping up to date with marketing trends can help your business succeed, however failing to do so can also cause you failure. Keeping informed on trends can help you build credibility, value, and expertise by knowing where your field is heading in the future. These are just some of the reasons why following trends is a must.

To help you manage your businesses future growth, here are 10 marketing trends that you can implement to help your brand stay sharp, keep you ahead of your competitors, and keep you connected with your customers.

1. Digital transformation 

Digital transformation is already happening, and it will continue progressively. As we move to the new normal, companies will continue to lean into digital technology. For example, you can expect to see more e-commerce purchasing options such as; gyms providing digital sessions, telemedicine appointments, and personal wellness consultations over Zoom.

2. Mobile and voice search
Optimizing all of your digital assets to function well on any device or with voice search is a must. The reason for this is that more and more are preferring to use their phone for every transaction. And voice search has become the new must-have for digital marketing. The main trick to optimizing for voice is to think like your customers. When they are asking Siri or Alexa, what words or phrases would they be using? Incorporate these into your content.

3. Digital Ads
Digital ads create powerful opportunities, however they may not be as effective as before unless we improve it.

Since we have been locked in our homes for most of 2020, we’ve seen thousands of ads already making most of us numb to it. And so brands need to recreate their advertising strategy to make ads work. It needs to become more value driven and portray a story that audiences can relate to.

4. Ads with More Value

Unrealistic ads are not that effective anymore as more audiences are looking for ads that can represent your product or service in real life, as they would experience it.

5. More meaningful content experience
For your content, it is no longer enough to just post a blog or create an ebook. You have to offer your audience multiple content options. Your audience is looking for an experience that is meaningful and valuable for them. And so if you will create a blog make sure that it is educational and insightful. Also, include images to demonstrate your points or incorporate gifs that are relatable and engaging. You could also use videos or create stories that are in-depth and instructional.

6. Increase in Automation
In 2020, marketers had to find ways to continue providing service by using tools that would allow them to carry out all their normal tasks while saving resources. This trend is expected to continue to improve efficiency, even if we shift to the new normal.

7. Influencer marketing will get even bigger
Influencer marketing is expected to grow bigger this 2021 and going forward. As influencers grow their audience your reach will grow with them as well. And so collaboration with the right target audience influencers can level up your brand reach.

8. Demand for conversational marketing
Conversational marketing is the technical name for the chatbot on a brand or company’s website, and it is becoming more of a necessity than an option if you want to connect and serve your audience. When people come to your website, it is most likely that they have specific questions and they want direct answers. Providing an option like a chatbot allows you to serve them instantly and earn their trust and business. .

9. Authenticity through meaning and purpose
Knowing your company or organization’s meaning and purpose helps differentiate you from the competition and stand in an authentic place. This creates a deep connection that can drive marketing to new heights and attracts customers that are better suited for what you have to offer.

10. Short videos
Short videos that are authentic, helpful, and realistic will continuously attract customers. You can create tutorials, tricks, tips, guides, inspirational, behind the scenes, or just fun and funny videos, your audience will certainly enjoy and engage with the video.

Each industry has its own trend that comes and goes. Make it a practice to keep up with changes so you can avoid using outdated marketing techniques pushing your customers away.