Congratulations, you are an entrepreneur!

May 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of my entrepreneurial journey. It’s been a wild ride, full of surprises, self- discoveries and pushing the self-created boundaries (limitations). I have heard that entrepreneurial journeys can be full of contradiction, loneliness and liveliness, depression, excitement, fatigue, and exhilaration. I can say all of it is true. Yet we entrepreneurs won’t have it any other way.

I learned the importance of having:

1. Support

Having a support system to lift your spirits when things are not going well, to celebrate every small win, to bounce ideas, to give critical feedback, and to give you space for growth is going to be the key to keep you going. Reach out and connect with like-minded people with
growth-mindset who are willing to be part of your journey. Surround yourself with people who will help you stay curious.

2. Mindset

Having a responding mindset helps you rise above the setbacks. Reacting to every win and loss can be exhausting, but a responding mindset doesn’t take people and situations personally. It understands that ups and downs are part of the journey. It helps you focus on the goals and trust the process even when the final destination seems very far. It keeps you in touch with your intuition to make the decisions which are in alignment with your values.

3. Flexibility

Planning is important. Being able to adapt your plan as you progress, is equally important. Embrace changes, detours, and unknowns. Prepare as much as you can, but remain comfortable with uncertainties and not having answers to everything. Have clarity about your actions, but don’t get stuck in what and how; these are just details which will change as you learn and grow.

4. Help

Asking for help never came easy to me because it felt like a failure. I later realized that was just an ego trip. The fact is, no one can have all the answers and it is fine to reach out and ask for help. Get comfortable asking: asking for resources, asking for money (from customers and investors), asking for guidance, asking for connections, asking for whatever you need to grow. Be resourceful. Help and support others whenever possible.

5. Connections

Attend the networking events where you can find your tribe and have the opportunity to build relationships. Connect to people who offer complementary services. Volunteer with organizations that are working for the causes you believe in. Contributing to a greater cause helps create a positive mindset. Always focus on providing value-be authentic and genuine when doing so.

6. Investment

You will need to invest in yourself big time. Be very conscious of where you invest your time. Be okay with outsourcing the tasks that are not your area of expertise or the tasks which may be energy draining. Use your time wisely. Ask, “How is it serving me in my journey?” Investing in a coach or a mastermind group can help you with accountability and focus on what is important.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label-it is a lifestyle- Richard Branson