I participated in many healthy conversations about Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s performance during half-time of the Super Bowl. I was inspired – it made me want to learn belly dancing and pole dancing!

Some felt it was the best show ever. Some felt it was too provocative. Some people felt it took attention away from causes like immigration, and some felt that the performance absolutely did not represent women empowerment. We are all entitled to our opinions – the advantage of living in free world.

But the many perspectives did make me contemplate women empowerment and what it really means in 2020. Does it mean still thinking what we have been told by our mothers, as they were told by their mothers? The beliefs passed down consciously or unconsciously from each generation to next.

Women need to dress a certain way

Women need to dance a certain way

Women need to act a certain way

Are we inviting male attention and their objectifying thoughts by dressing, dancing and acting too provocatively and bold?

Is it time to rethink our beliefs?

What would happen if we raised our sons to not have objectifying thoughts or make assumption that we dress for attention and not for our own gratification? How would it be if we encouraged our daughters to not worry about what others think? Is it possible to show boys and girls that we can admire beauty just like we admire a rainbow or a starry night or an art without needing to objectify it?

What if we started to think empowerment as having choices?

To train as a nun or a professional athlete

To learn exotic dancing or study to be a doctor

To become a housewife or a CEO

To enjoy cooking fancy meals or not cook

To join the military or to dance for living

To dress demurely or dress provocatively

To have a lean body or have a muscular body

To rock a power suit or rock a dress

To build a business empire or add value to a company

To bear children or not bear children

To stay single or get married or live with someone without any titles

To focus on our career or to focus on our family

And in many cases above … why not both? These choices are ours and shift as we grow and learn who we are. Our beliefs don’t need to stay the same just because someone passed them down to us.

It is time to be free of all mental and social conditioning. It is not about us women being better than men or putting each other down – that is just insecurity – but being comfortable with who we want to be. We get to decide and write the story of our empowerment. There is no right or wrong.

Let’s support each other and embrace who we are without any judgement.

Prati Kaufman is a Marketing and Mindset Coach, Speaker and Mentor. She endeavors to empower individuals to take inspired action with no self-judgement. Her son says, she has superpowers and she modestly agrees with him. Her superpowers come from the people she surrounds herself with.

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