COVID-19 has shaken our small world to its core. It is causing small and large businesses to break into sweats like never before. There are a lot of uncertainties regarding tomorrow. No one knows how long the effects will last.

I lost two big accounts and had to reschedule the yoga workshop due to this pandemic. I’m not sure how long will I survive without the income. I may be looking for a job soon. I don’t take the negative impact lightly. The future is up in the air. Yet, my spiritual self is thriving while my human self is kind of annoyed with the joy my spiritual self is feeling.

I have been learning about energy for past 20 years, and I believe that we are all energetic beings in these physical bodies – sharing a connection so powerful that it transcends all boundaries. After all, we are made of same energy which created stars 14 billion years ago. Right now, I’m feeling the undercurrent of a collective human sigh. This pandemic has forced us slow down, to do less and to just be.

It is a meditation we are performing together.

I believe this time will go down in history as a time when human consciousness peaked dramatically.


Only in silence can we fully hear ourselves.

This time will:

Deepen Human Connection: Living together in proximity without a break will make people evaluate their relationships with the self and others. Many relationships will strengthen, and many will fall apart. Either way we will be happier. On the other hand, the proximity is making us reassess our priorities in life. We were too busy to spend time with people we love, and now that we are forced to separate ourselves from people, we feel the need to reach out to each other more. Communities are coming together to support each other. Everyone is doing their best for others. WE STAND UNITED

Build Global Community: For years we have been talking about being Global and how the world is getting smaller, even though we are still separated by so-called “boundaries.” We understood what global citizenship meant, but we didn’t live the concept. This is the FIRST TIME we are experiencing how connected we are across the globe. Everything we do impacts others. This realization will change the way we think and live. We will be more aware of the impact of our actions. Universal health care may become a reality.

Create a Virtual Ecosystem: We have always known there would be a day when virtual learning and working will the new norm. There was resistance. Now that we have been catapulted into a virtual world overnight, I see a world where pregnant women and anyone with a disability (long-term and short-term) has another valid option to contribute to the work world in a meaningful way. People who like in-person connection but didn’t enjoy long commutes will have a choice to work from nearest co-working space. It will change the education system. Kids will be able to learn from any university across the world at their own pace. This may be the way to reduce pollution and carbon footprint. In countries like China and India, pollution is at an all-time low. Mother Earth is getting healed.

Teach us to live in NOW: We thought we were in control. We planned our lives months in advance. When things didn’t go our way, it caused us anxiety and distress. We are learning to live in NOW. We are doing our best to be prepared but also cultivating patience and flexibility. The understanding that things can change any minute is creating a deep appreciation of simple things we took for granted, like eating out, going to the gym, visiting places of worship, traveling etc. It may inspire us to work less and live more rather than say, “there is always tomorrow.”

When I close my eyes and see the bigger picture through my divine self, nothing seems out of place. Our collective energy of exhaustion made universe deliver this “GLOBAL PAUSE.” This is a time to breathe, to feel, to listen and raise our spiritual vibration. This is not a time to worry – but a time to do our best. A time to witness the rise of a truly global community where we stand by each other against all future adversities.

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