I have always questioned the advice about staying positive even when the deeper part of me didn’t feel aligned. It felt too fake – like patchwork hiding a tear, when all the while, you know the damage is underneath and worse over time.

After getting certified in Energy Leadership Assessment , I finally understood that true positivity is about managing energy. The things we feel and do are just energy – energy which we have the power to shift.

Anger is better than depression.

Rationalizing is better than anger.

Helping others is more powerful than rationalizing.

Empowering others can have a greater impact than helping them.

Accepting everything without judgement is more powerful than empowering.

Being positive and negative are subjective.

Understanding this, we must ask ourselves: what is positivity for me? My wisest friend – my sister – finally helped me to see it. My version of her words is below.

She said,

“Suppressing what you really feel to stay positive is like an Ostrich with its head in the sand, not seeing and accepting what is right in front of you.”

A conscious positivity is not positivity, but it is a calculation of the best outcome. It is about holding your head high, understanding circumstances, and making a choice to feel all the emotions. Conscious positivity allows you to embrace the experiences and be at ease with the outcome even when it is not what you calculated. Being at ease means having faith that every outcome is the right outcome.

A conscious positivity is about being in tune with the language of universe and allowing it to lead us to life full of joy, love, and ease, even with some inevitable twists and turns thrown in.

Post ELI feedback from a client:

Do you ever feel as though you don’t show up to all parts of your life 100%? I placed a lot of unnecessary stress on myself that affected my business and personal life. Since my debrief with Prati I have learned to embrace the space I am in, be present with myself and identify my triggers to shift my mindset. For the first time I am not impulsively playing the role of “The Fixer” and putting pressure on myself. My energy has harmonized tremendously with everything around me. I highly suggest that entrepreneurs, executives, and anyone seeking to be or is in a leadership role to give themselves the gift of ELI.

Your consciousness awareness leads to profound gratitude in the self.

Energy Leadership Index assessment is one of the most powerful assessments to become aware of the self, our consciousness levels and leadership style.

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