The word “discipline” is from the Latin word “disciplina” meaning “instruction and training.” It’s derived from the root word “discere” — “to learn.”

Discipline is often confused with rules, regulation and punishment but discipline is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. It is internal. It is built on values. It means making personal, meaningful choices, and holding yourself to higher standards. It is not a thing to impose on others. Discipline is for life.

Disciplined people feel more in control and also have a lot more flexibility. They are aware of their actions.

Scientists are very disciplined but often lack structure.

The word “structure” is from the Latin word “struere,” meaning “to build” or “to assemble.”

Structure is arranging components of life to achieve short-term goals. Unlike discipline, it is external. Structure gives us a feeling of comfort, security and stability. That’s why children often thrive in a structured environment. Structure changes based on our goals and where we are in our life. Structure is solid when it is built on the foundation of discipline but without the right foundation, it can also crumble easily.

Structure can create ease but rigidity with structure can also create stress. Structure is very helpful in doing the same thing day in and day out on auto mode.

Structure is needed in cultivating better habits and kicking bad habits but it will only stick if we build it on the foundation of discipline.

Military life is very structured but not everyone in the military is disciplined.

To bring it together: Use structure for short-term goals. Be disciplined if you want long-term success.

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