As a human energy coach, I have met a lot of women entrepreneurs who are held back by their thoughts and feelings about making money. Because of these thinking patterns, they experience an internal struggle when they are trying to make money, which shows up in the physical manifestation of not having enough. 


What are money blocks anyway?

A money block is a series of thoughts, emotions, actions, and feelings that stop you from accomplishing financial success. It could be making more money in business, getting out of debt, or saving money.

Often, women entrepreneurs have money blocks that show up in different ways. These beliefs will continue to come up and impact their ability to create financial abundance until they decide to change. 

That’s why I’ve decided to write about the most common money blocks that I’ve seen in women entrepreneurs and how to overcome them.


  • Thinking that if you make more money you will pay more tax

Most women want to make money, but they are reluctant because they will pay more taxes.  You have to shift this mindset.

Just think about it, when you pay taxes, it means you are making money.  So, why not make more money and pay more tax than make less money so that you don’t pay tax?


  • Thinking that if you make a lot of money you will compromise your personal life

Some women think that if they make money, their personal life is going to suffer. That their children or grandchildren will suffer or that they will not have enough time to spend with their spouses.

However, just because you are making money doesn’t mean that your personal life has to suffer.  Sure, there are sacrifices that you will have to make and you will need to reprioritize, but you can create the life you want, on your own terms.

When I first started my business, it was a very difficult time for me. I  was taking care of my household, raising a child, running a business, and engaging in my hobbies and self-care activities.

I had to sit down with my family and have an honest conversation on what exactly they wanted me to do for them. I asked my son, “Is your priority having fresh food every day or me being at your baseball games?” He was very clear that he wanted me to go to his baseball games. That means I don’t have to worry about food and we’ll find ways to make that happen.


  • Putting down other women who are making money

I see a lot of women putting other women down about making money, “Oh, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth,” or “ She got the money from her family and she is now making more from it.” Or “She is selling something that is sexualizing women”.

If you are always thinking about how other people’s money is not good money, you are not going to be able to make money. There is no way we can make money by putting other people down. To succeed, we need to rise together.


How do you know you have subconscious money blocks?

You might consciously know that you want something different and you might be working hard to achieve it. But until you shift your thoughts about money and the energy you have around it, you will continue to create the same outcomes.

If your financial reality is not how you want it to be, chances are that there are a few subconscious money blocks that you need to shift. 


Would you like to learn more about how your energy is showing up?

We’ve discussed the top three money-conscious blocks in women entrepreneurs. For more tips, watch my Instagram series “ Energy Tuning with Prati Kaufman” where I talk about how energy shows up and how it may be keeping you where you are.