Hi, I’m Prati Kaufman.

After 20 years of working in Marketing across the globe, I chose to become an entrepreneur because I wanted freedom: freedom to set my schedule, to travel and to do things which bring me joy. I knew I didn’t want to work 12 hours a day, yet I did. I knew time is a mind dimension, yet I believed that it takes time to make money. Soon, I realized that I was still thinking like an employee, even though I was running the business. I knew I needed to think differently and take different actions for results to be different.

We have a choice to either use experiences to fuel us or limit us.

I truly believe each of us is meant to have it all - good health, amazing relationships, loads of money and freedom: freedom to work on our schedule, to travel, to make an impact and to leave a legacy.

What do I do?

I empower entrepreneur's to experience REAL FREEDOM in their life and business by tuning and aligning their energetic vibrations to their highest potential - a place where each of us can experience the ultimate truth of our existence.

  • A place where we can access our higher consciousness
  • A place where you are the master of your mind
  • A place full of possibilities
  • A place where we accept and embrace all life experiences
  • A place where trust is stronger than fear
After years of trials and tribulations, I have mastered the art of turning dreams and desires into a joyful reality.
- Mary Carangelo
Fashion Therapist & Independent cabi Stylist
I would like to introduce you to Prati Kaufman; a MARKETING ENERGY COACH who makes marketing tasks fun and manageable. She develops a curated digital marketing blueprint that reflects your specific needs. Her guidance is actionable and attainable with the ultimate goal of building a higher revenue return for your business. Investing in coaching with Prati is investing in the growth of YOU! She is the FIRST step to you realizing your dreams and aligning your energy with your outcome. I highly recommend her for all individuals who need clarity and instruction on how to succeed!

How do I do it?

I combine 20+ years of marketing experience and the top energy assessment to understand the unique interplay of your energies and uncover the energetic blocks which keep you stuck. I help you tune and align your energy to your unlimited potential to make marketing effortless and fun.

I’m partial to doing rather than thinking but I also know -

When the actions are aligned with who you truly are, there is no limit to what you can achieve.
How do I do it