Hi, I’m Prati Kaufman,

A non-native English speaker from a small town in India.

Growing up my normal was to take bucket baths, walk barefoot and collect cow dung which was dried and used as fuel. My normal also included asking my father to fetch a bucket of water on his crutches or give me a ride on his bicycle to my friend’s house. He would balance me, his cane and his heavy artificial leg as if it was nothing.

My father created space for his daughters to think for themselves, to dream, make mistakes and live our lives without labels. Maybe because his own dreams were shattered at the age of 18, when he was given a few hours to decide to either lose his leg or lose his life.

We have a choice to either use experiences to fuel us or limit us.

GROWING UP WITH A POWERFUL MINDSET allowed me to follow my heart which included going to English medium College without knowing how to speak English, moving to Dubai with $100 and 15 days to get a job, meeting my American husband in a yahoo chat room and getting married two months after meeting him.

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After 20+ years in marketing across the globe, working with everything from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500+ corporations, I quit my job four years ago. In those four years I have grown from a one-person company to a full service marketing agency. Together we partner with entrepreneurs and business owners to scale their business with laser-focused, integrated marketing strategy planning and execution.

We not only become your in-house marketing agency but we also line up the right resources for your business growth.

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My coaching and consulting focus on your WHY—because your why is way bigger than what you do and how you do it. When we choose to work together, you will get a partner and team who is as invested in your vision as you are. We will keep you accountable and hold fast to your vision when things get tough.

I partner with entrepreneurs like you to generate six figures and beyond with laser-focused and integrated marketing.

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When we work together, I will do everything in my power to help you reach your goals because I’m my father’s daughter.

Want to learn more about how I got started?

My entrepreneurial journey started by going to various local networking events, attending every possible entrepreneurial workshops, investing in various coaches and DIY programs, pitching ideas for marketing workshops, becoming keynote speaker, and investing in various coaches. Just like most entrepreneurs, the first two years were about learning about myself, who do I want to serve and how. Many collaborations failed, some ideas didn’t go beyond the drawing board but each experience brought clarity. Even after 4 years, I continue to evolve and adopt.

At the same time I joined IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence and Coaching) and got certified as a Coach and Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership Index(ELI) assessment.

ELI Assessment is the only assessment in the world ( that I know of) which doesn’t put people in any category. At core, everything in this universe is energy which is neither good nor bad. This assessment breaks down human energy in seven levels and assessment shows the top 2 dominant levels of the individual and the interplay of those with other levels. It gives use awareness of who we are energetically and how to shift it to serve our highest potential.

- Mary Carangelo
Fashion Therapist & Independent cabi Stylist
I would like to introduce you to Prati Kaufman; a MARKETING ENERGY COACH who makes marketing tasks fun and manageable. She develops a curated digital marketing blueprint that reflects your specific needs. Her guidance is actionable and attainable with the ultimate goal of building a higher revenue return for your business. Investing in coaching with Prati is investing in the growth of YOU! She is the FIRST step to you realizing your dreams and aligning your energy with your outcome. I highly recommend her for all individuals who need clarity and instruction on how to succeed!

How do I do it?

My entrepreneurial experience taught me one of the biggest lessons in turning dreams into reality. What I learned that business is 70% mindset and 30% action.

When the actions are aligned with who you truly are, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

That’s why I combine 20+ years of marketing experience and the top energy assessment to align the marketing with the unique energy of business owners. I also make sure you have the right team and resources to execute the marketing plan.

If you are ready to to get laser-focused with your marketing efforts and get in front of right target market

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How do I do it