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As an entrepreneur, you desire freedom above all else; freedom to create your own reality and make a difference in the lives of others.

But so often you get caught up in the shoulds of life and business. Maybe you are overwhelmed and feel forced to make decisions that aren’t in alignment with your true self.

Hi, I’m Prati Kaufman.

Marketing Energy Coach to help you ace the art of deliberate creation where you feel confident and at ease about the decisions you make.

You might have a great team of marketing specialists, but are your plans and strategies aligned with the goal and the latest trends?

That’s where a good marketing strategy comes into picture. There’s a saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

If you don’t imply the right tactics into your marketing plan, then there are high chances that you might lose a great portion of market share and the hardest part, it's going to be a WIN-WIN for your competitors.

We have a choice to either use experiences to fuel us or limit us.

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Dream Making with Decision
Dream Making with Decision
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Marketing Health Assessment
Marketing Health Assessment
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Entrepreneurs Launch Pad
Entrepreneur's Launch Pad
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Entrepreneurs BizKit
Entrepreneur's BizKit
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Entrepreneurs Vault
Entrepreneur's Vault
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My unique approach will help you

Core Energy
Understand your unique core energy
Learn how to tap into the energy of your thoughts without judgement
Marketing Plan
Develop a strategic marketing plan for sustainable business growth
Use the energy of fear to move forward with clarity
Become free of outdated beliefs which no longer serve you and your business

Let’s meet if you are ready to generate six figures and beyond.

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